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Academic Programs and Planning Contact Information

academic programs and planning GoalS
  • Facilitating academic planning for new and existing degree programs.
  • Managing the accreditation and program review process for all of Cal Poly’s academic programs.
  • Managing the Assessment of Student Learning/Core Competencies
  • Overseeing the University’s Instructionally Related Activities program (IRA).
  • Developing academic policies in alignment with the Academic Senate.
  • Implementing system-wide California State University (CSU) initiatives. 
  • Conducting reporting to meet all accountability requirements.
Mission statement

We are committed to promoting student success through

  • Partnering with faculty and staff to develop, deliver and continuously improve Academic Programs.
  • Collaborating with the Academic Senate to develop, implement and review academic policies.
  • Engaging the campus leaders in strategic academic planning.


Mary Pedersen, Senior Vice Provost
for Academic Programs & Planning


Mary Pedersen joined Academic Programs in October 2011 after serving as Department Chair of Food Science and Nutrition, then as Associate Dean in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences.  Mary oversees academic program development, program review, academic assessment, and assists with the development of Cal Poly strategic processes and CSU policy implementation.  She also oversees Library Services, the Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology, The Office of the Registrar, International, Graduate & Extended Education, University Advising, Institutional Research, the university Honors Program and the operational aspects of the General Education program.  Mary chairs the Academic Assessment Council and chairs bi-weekly meetings with the associate deans.  In addition, she serves on the Academic Senate Curriculum Committee, the Instruction Committee and the General Education Governance Board.

Jessica Carson, Administrative Analyst


Jessica joined Academic Programs in February of 2008.  She supports Instructionally Related Activities (IRAs), coordinates accreditation issues with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), plans the budget, facilitates personnel actions, and is the contact for student appeals.

Katie Tool
Administrative Support Coordinator

(805) 756-2228   

Katie joined Academic Programs in November 1997.  She provides operational and administrative support for the General Education Program and University/GE Assessment.  She also provides guidance to faculty and staff on curricular-related issues and degree program development.  She assists the Academic Programs office with the implementation of CSU system-wide initiatives and WASC reporting. 

Amy Robbins 

Program Review Coordinator

(805) 756-7299          ACROBBIN@CALPOLY.EDU

Amy joined Academic Programs in August 2016.  She coordinates Academic Program Review for the campus in addition to supporting the associate deans' group and various professional learning communities.

Bruno Giberti
Faculty Associate Academic Programs and Planning

(805) 756-2254 

Bruno is responsible for program review and other quality improvement efforts. He provides oversight for the university honors and service learning programs and participates in various academic initiatives relating to student learning and success.

Bruno also served the University as Chair of the Academic Senate (2006-08), Faculty Director of the University’s WASC self-study (2007-12), and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (2010-12). The self-study, entitled “Our Polytechnic Identity,” resulted in the University's successfully reaffirming its accreditation for the longest possible period of ten years.

Jack Phelan
Director of Academic Assessment

(805) 756-2299

Jack Phelan joined Academic Programs in July 2015.  He oversees University/General Education assessment efforts for campus and provides guidance and support to programs for annual assessment of program learning outcomes. Jack also co-chairs the Academic Assessment Council and advises academic units regarding student learning outcomes assessment methodology.  Jack also provides individual and group training and assessment information to faculty and runs assessment training programs including campus workshops in partnership with the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT). 

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