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Benefits of Assessment

  • Assessment can facilitate improvement through a variety of venues.  When faculty members are directly involved in the development, implementation, and anlaysis of assessment activities, a number of specific benefits result
What are the benefits of assessment to faculty?
Because Assessment can faculty can
Because assessment can provide information about the knowledge and skills students have as they enter a course... Faculty can design instruction to target the knowledge and skills students should have upon finishing a course and better determine the levels of thinking or reasoning appropriate for the course
Because assessment can provide reliable data on student learning... Faculty can rely less on the comments that appear on student evaluations as indicators of their success in teaching
Because assessment can make available richer data about the effects of the curriculum or teaching methods... Faculty can engage in more productive conversations about the status of student achievement and make better decisions about how it might be improved.
Because assessment can provide evidence that faculty make a difference in student learning... Faculty can enjoy greater satisfaction in their work as educators.
Because assessment can offer a larger view of student needs and accomplishments... Faculty can identify directions for future instructional development

* Adapted from Program-based Review and Assessment, (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) Fall 2001

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