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News and Updates

Results of the 2017 Collegiate Learning Assessment 

  • Freshmen Total CLA+ Score of 1156
    This score is greater than or equal at 93% of CLA+ schools.
    A score of 1156 demonstrates proficient mastery of the critical thinking and written-communication as measured by CLA+.
  • Senior Total CLA+ Score of 1254
    This score is better than or equal to the average senior score at 97% of CLA+ schools.
    A score of 1254 signifies accomplished mastery of the skills measured by CLA+
  • Given the mean CLA+performance of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo's freshmen and the entering academic ability of its seniors, Cal Poly's value added is ABOVE what would be expected relative to schools testing similar population of students. 

AAC Wraps Up Productive Year in 2017

The Academic Council (AAC), established by the Academic Senate in 2011, leads and coordinates campus assessment efforts.  During the 2016-17 academic year, the AAC worked attentively to 

  • improve annual program assessment planning, reporting, and feedback processes.
  • review the campus-wide survey “Inventory of Educational Effectiveness” required on the WASC annual report.
  • provide suggestions on the Quantitative Reasoning Task Force Report submitted to the Chancellor’s Office.
  • develop promotional strategies to increase participation in the NSSE student survey.
  • examine annual trends in the Collegiate Learning Assessment test administered to freshmen and seniors.
  • offer specific recommendations to Academic Programs on the Program Review template section: “Assessment of Student Learning”.

MS in Packaging Value Chain to Launch in Fall 2018

The master’s in Packaging Value Chain online coursework is around the critical skills, knowledge, theories, and abilities required to master the value addition potential of packaging in the global markets. The curriculum is designed to incorporate activities carried out to create value for all players in the packaging value chain. It embraces the relevant disciplines of packaging science and technology, data analytics, design, marketing, finance, supply chain, operations and quantitative analysis.  Read more

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