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Instructionally Related Activities

ira activities

What is an IRA?

An Instructionally Related Activity (IRA) is an "out-of-class experience" that provides enrichment to students and enhances their learning at Cal Poly. Funding for recognized IRAs is provided through student fees. All IRA programs/activities are partially sponsored by an academic dean or department and are "integrally related" to a formal instructional program.

General IRA Information

2021-22 Allocations

Call for Proposals

The proposal and funding process for the 2021-22 academic year has completed.   The request for proposals for new IRAs will go out in late December 2021.  The request for proposals for continued funding will go out late January, 2022. 

2021 Timeline for Proposals / Approvals

  • Requests for IRA recognition and funding are initiated through faculty or staff advisors who submit the proposals to their college or the VP Student Affairs.  This process starts in late December or early January each year. The IRA Advisory Committee reviews all requests for recognition and forwards their recognition recommendations to the campus President. With advice from the College Student Councils, the Deans and VP Student Affairs review funding requests and make funding recommendations for the recognized IRAs within their college/area.  These recommendations are forwarded, via the IRA Advisory Committee, to the campus President for approval.
  • Please bear in mind that the total amount of IRA funding available increases only slightly each year, if at all, and can drop if campus or individual college enrollments drop.  Therefore, recognition as an IRA in no way guarantees funding.  Potential new activities are encouraged to research those IRAs already operating on campus and, if the activities are similar, to contact the existing activity and discuss the possibility of working together.


Slide deck from the IRA workshop - help in preparing the proposal form goals and outcomes section (pdf) 14.2MB



    • Need help? Have questions? Contact Jessica Carson, Administrative Analyst, Office of Academic Programs and Planning

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