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Instructionally Related Activities

ira activities

What is an IRA?

An Instructionally Related Activity (IRA) is an "out-of-class experience" that provides enrichment to students and enhances their learning at Cal Poly. Funding for recognized IRAs is provided through student fees. All IRA programs/activities are partially sponsored by an academic dean or department and are "integrally related" to a formal instructional program.

General IRA Information

2020-21 Allocations


Call for Proposals

Proposals are now being accepted for Continuing IRA recognition and funding for the 2021-22 academic year.

  • Requests for IRA recognition and funding are initiated through faculty or staff advisors who submit the proposals to their college or the VP Student Affairs.  The IRA Advisory Committee reviews all requests for recognition and forwards their recognition recommendations to the campus President. With advice from the College Student Councils, the Deans and VP Student Affairs review funding requests and make funding recommendations for the recognized IRAs within their college/area.  These recommendations are forwarded, via the IRA Advisory Committee, to the campus President for approval.
  • Please bear in mind that the total amount of IRA funding available increases only slightly each year, if at all, and can drop if campus or individual college enrollments drop.  Therefore, recognition as an IRA in no way guarantees funding.  Potential new activities are encouraged to research those IRAs already operating on campus and, if the activities are similar, to contact the existing activity and discuss the possibility of working together.


We are offering Zoom workshops to help with form preparation for Continuing IRA proposals.  These will be
Tuesday, February 16, 1:00-2:00 PM
Wednesday, February 17, 9:00-10:00 AM
Friday, February 19, 10:00-11:00 AM
To participate in a workshop, email Jessica Carson at and tell her which workshop(s) you would like to attend.  All three workshops will cover the same material, but different questions may be asked by the participants.

A recording of the Zoom workshop for Continuing IRA proposals can be found here

The passcode, if asked, is    D+mxF5Wi

Slide deck from the IRA workshop goals and outcomes section (pdf) 14.2MB



    • Complete both an IRA Recognition Request (PC or Mac version) and a Budget Proposal form, sign and obtain your Director or Department Head/Chair's signature, and submit together via Adobesign to your Associate Dean or, for Student Affairs IRAs, to the Vice President of Student Affairs.  Send to yourself and then, using their Cal Poly email addresses, to your Director/Department Head/Chair and your Vice President or Associate Dean in charge of IRAs for your unit - see list below.  The administrative support staff for your department should be able to help you with Adobesign or please refer to the following link for a tutorial:  How to Send a Document for Signatures with Adobesign.  Adobesign can be found in the list of My Apps on your Cal Poly portal page.

    VPs / Associate Deans in charge of IRAs:
    Student Affairs: send forms via Adobesign to Rick Salomon as an Acceptor.  Fill in Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey as the name for the VPSA/Dean/Associate Dean on the Proposal form
    CAFES: send forms via Adobesign to Jacquie Wright as an Acceptor.  Fill  
    in Associate Dean of Faculty Catherine Kleier as the name for the Dean/Associate Dean on the Proposal form
    CAED: send forms via Adobesign to Mariam Emyan as an Acceptor.  Fill  
    in Associate Dean Mark Cabrinha as the name for the Dean/Associate Dean on the Proposal form
    OCOB:  Interim Associate Dean Stern Neill
    CENG:  send forms via Adobesign to Jenni Duval as an Acceptor.  Fill  
    in Associate Dean Eric Mehiel as the name for the Dean/Associate Dean on the Proposal form
    CLA:  Fill in Dean Phillip Williams as the signer for the Dean.  Send forms via Adobesign to yourself and your department chair for signatures.  Then email the signed forms to Josh Machamer and cc Joy Sisler & Heidi Velasco  They will compile the forms for Dean Williams' signature.   
    CSM:   send forms via Adobesign to Emi Youngquist as an Acceptor.  Fill  
    in Associate Dean Derek Gragson as the name for the Dean/Associate Dean on the Proposal form

    Helpful Resources


    Important Deadlines to submit forms to your VP or Dean's/Associate Dean's Office:


    • Need help? Have questions? Contact Jessica Carson, Administrative Analyst, Office of Academic Programs and Planning

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