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Criteria for IRA Recognition

An Instructionally Related Activity (IRA) is an "out-of-class experience" that provides enrichment to students and enhances their learning at Cal Poly. An IRA must be at least partially sponsored by an academic dean or department and must be "integrally related" to a formal instructional offering; however, enrollment in an academic course cannot be a necessary condition for participating in an IRA. For more information about the nature of an IRA, about CSU policy governing IRAs, and about the setting of IRA fees, see CSU Executive Order #429 (PDF).

Only officially recognized IRA programs/activities are eligible for IRA funding. 

Criteria for Recognition

Required criteria:

  • The program/activity description is clearly articulated.
  • The program/activity is clearly connected to the academic mission of the division, college, and/or department, as confirmed by the appropriate Dean or Vice President.
  • There is demonstrated support from the division, college, and/or department in the form of funds, facility use, supplies, faculty advisor, faculty/staff support time, etc.
  • The program/activity is clearly affiliated with one or more identified course(s) or major(s)/minor(s), though participation in the program/activity occurs outside an organized instructional setting.  For example, IRA funds cannot be used to fund specific projects or field trips as part of an academic course.  Note that a program/activity sponsored through Student Affairs does not need to be clearly affiliated with one or more courses, majors or minors, but must be clearly affiliated with one or more of the University Learning Objectives, Diversity Learning Objectives and/or Sustainability Learning Objectives.
  • Learning outcomes are defined for students participating in the program/activity.
  • One or more students will participate directly in the program/activity and be enriched by the experience.
  • There is evidence of, or a plan for, sound financial management of the program/activity.

In addition:

  • The public may have access to view or listen to the program/activity.
  • The program/activity may enhance Cal Poly's reputation, thereby benefiting students (e.g., through increased employment opportunities).
  • It is strongly encouraged that attempts are made (or have been made) to secure funds from other source(s).


rev 12/8/2016

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