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Free Electives

  • A free elective is a course chosen solely by the student with no curricular restrictions.
  • All baccalaureate curricula will contain a minimum of 8 units of free electives. Programs proposing to reduce the number of required free electives below 8 units are required to provide justification. One such justification is to reduce the total units required in the program.

Source: Academic Senate Resolution AS-609-04/CC (PDF). This resolution supersedes the earlier resolution (AS-234-87/CC (PDF)) which required that all baccalaureate curricula contain a minimum of 9 units of free electives.

Restricted Elective

  • A restricted elective is one chosen from a list prepared by the major department.

Advisor Approved Electives

  • are a coherent course of study which is relevant to but not necessarily within the student's major discipline;
  • allow students to design a section of their curriculum, tailoring it to their specific career goals and interests;
  • may include transfer and/or change of major units;
  • are not a formally structured set of courses and, as such, there is no title assigned that would appear on the student's transcript.


Academic Senate Resolution: AS-609-04/CC "Resolution on Free Electives" (PDF).  Adopted: 10 February 2004.

Academic Senate Resolution: AS-234-87/CC "Resolution on Free Electives" (PDF)  Adopted: 13 January 1987.

Last updated: 7/11/2023

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