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Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend class regularly to keep the quality and quantity of their work high. Absence from classes is regarded as serious. An excused absence can be allowed only by the instructor in charge of the class upon consideration of the evidence justifying the absence presented by the student. An excused absence merely gives the individual who missed the class an opportunity to make up the work and in no way excuses the student from the work required.

Source: Campus Administrative Manual 485.1 July, 1973

"Excusable" Reasons for Missing Class

It is strongly urged that instructors accept the following "excusable" reasons for allowing students to make up missed work:

  • Illness with a doctor's statement
  • Serious illness or death of close relatives
  • Active participation in university events (an instructor may require a statement from the adviser involved certifying that the student was actively participating in a recognized university event)
  • Field trips
  • Religious holidays
  • Selective service and military reasons
  • NCAA athletic competitions
  • Instructionally Related Activities (IRA)/competitions
  • Jury duty or any other legally required court appearances
  • Job or internship interviews

Any student seeking to make up missed work pursuant to the above listed "excusable" reasons must inform the instructor of their intent in a timely manner.

Academic Senate Resolution AS-592-03/IC (PDF)

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