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CSU Course Classification System

C/S# are used for class scheduling, faculty workload (WTU), space utilization.  

(K factor) x (units) = faculty workload WTU


Classes meeting 1 hour for 1 unit of credit - K factor: 1
C/S# Class Type
C-1 Large lecture
C-2 Lecture-Discussion
C-3 Law-Case study
C-4 Composition, Accounting, Mathematics, Logic, Philosophy, Music, Speech, Foreign Language, Engineering Lecture Problems
C-5 Graduate seminars


Classes meeting 2 hours for 1 unit of credit - K factor: 1.3
C/S# Class Type
C-7 Art, Anthropology, Science activities
C-8 Education Workshops (includes methods taught on an activity basis in education and subject areas); Social Science activity; Science demonstration
C-9 Music activity - large group
C-10 Instrumental or vocal instruction
C-11 Physical Education and Recreation activity
C-12 Speech, Drama, and Journalism activities
C-13 Business, Foreign Language, Psychology, Photography, Engineering, Industrial Arts, Agriculture, Mathematics, Statistics

Technical Activities and Laboratories

Classes meeting 3 hours for 1 unit of credit - K factor: 1.5
C/S# Class Type
C-15 Art, Foreign Language, Industrial Arts

Science Laboratories

Classes meeting 3 hours for 1 unit of credit - K factor: 2.0
C/S# Class Type
C-16 Science, Psychology, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Engineering, Photography
Classes meeting more than 3 hours for 1 unit of credit - K factor: 6.0
C/S# Class Type
C-18 Coaching major intercollegiate sports
Classes meeting more than 3 hours for 1 unit of credit - K factor: 3.0
C/S# Class Type
C-19 Coaching minor intercollegiate sports
C-20 Production courses or workshops in: Drama, Music (resulting in a major public performance, showing or distribution)
C-21 Music - major performance groups


Courses providing individual supervision
C/S# Class Type
S-36 Supervision of independent study, senior project
3 students = 1 WTU
S-25 Undergraduate level: Supervision of directed teaching and public school nursing
2 students = 1 WTU
S-25 Graduate level: Supervision of directed teaching; Supervision of field work; Theses and projects
2 students = 1 WTU


CSU Document: "Course Classification System".  (PDF).  Revised March 1996.

Last updated: 7/3/2023

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