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Degree Program Update

Cal Poly currently has 63 Bachelor's Degrees and 34 Master's Degrees.
This page was updated on 10/18/16

College of Architecture and Environmental Design Degree Programs (CAED)

College Bachelor's degree Master's degree
CAED BS Architectural  Engineering  
CAED BArch Architecture MS Architecture
CAED BS City & Regional Planning

MCRP, City and Regional Planning

* MCRP/MS Engineering (Joint Program)
with Specialization in Transportation Planning

CAED BS Construction  Management  
CAED BLA Landscape Architecture  
Total 5 Bachelor's Degrees 2 Master's Degrees
College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences Degree Programs (CAFES)
College Bachelor's Degree Master's degree
CAFES BS Agricultural and Environmental Plant Sciences MAgEd Agricultural Education

BS Agricultural Business

 *MS Agribusiness
Admissions Suspended 2015
CAFES BS Agricultural Communication MS Agriculture
CAFES BS Agricultural Science  
CAFES BS Agricultural Systems Management  
CAFES BS Animal Science  
CAFES BS BioResource & Agricultural Engineering  
CAFES BS Dairy Science MPS Dairy Products Technology
CAFES  *BS Environmental Earth and Soil Sciences
Consolidation Env Earth Earth/Env Soil Science 2015
CAFES BS Environmental Management and Protection  
CAFES BS Food Science  
CAFES BS Forestry and Natural Resources MS Forestry Sciences
CAFES BS Nutrition
MS Nutrition 
CAFES BS Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration  
CAFES BS Wine and Viticulture  
Total 15 Bachelor's Degrees 6 Master's Degrees
College of Engineering Degree Programs (CENG)
College Bachelor's degrees Master's degrees
CENG BS Aerospace Engineering MS Aerospace Engineering
CENG BS Biomedical Engineering MS Biomedical Engineering
CENG BS Civil Engineering MS Civil and Environmental Engineering
CENG BS Computer Engineering  
CENG BS Computer Science 4) MS Computer Science
CENG BS Electrical Engineering 5) MS Electrical Engineering
CENG BS Environmental Engineering  
CENG BS General Engineering

MS Engineering
Specialization in Transp Planning with CAED

CENG BS Industrial Engineering MS Industrial Engineering
CENG BS Manufacturing Engineering  
CENG BS Materials Engineering  
CENG BS Mechanical Engineering MS Mechanical Engineering
CENG BS Software Engineering  
CENG   MS Fire Protection Engineering
CENG * BA (Joint Program)
Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies
Counted in CLA



* MBA/MS Engineering (Joint Program)
Counted in OCOB

Total 13 Bachelor's Degrees 9 Master's Degrees
College of Liberal Arts Degree Programs (CLA)
College Bachelor's degrees master's degrees
CLA BS Anthropology and Geography  
CLA BFA Art & Design  
CLA BS Child Development  
CLA BA Communication Studies  
CLA BA Comparative Ethnic Studies  
CLA BA English MA English
CLA BS Graphic Communication MS Printed Electronics and Functional Imaging
CLA BA History MA History
CLA BS Journalism  
CLA BA Joint Program
Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies
CLA BA Modern Languages & Literature  
CLA BA Music  
CLA BA Philosophy  
CLA BA Political Science MPP Public Policy
CLA BS Psychology 5) MS Psychology
CLA BA Sociology  

BA Theatre Arts

Total 17 Bachelor's Degrees 5 Master's Degrees
College of Science and Mathematics Degree Programs (CSM)
College Bachelor's Degrees Master's degrees
CSM BS Biochemistry


CSM BS Biological Sciences MA Biological Sciences
MS Biological Sciences
CSM BS Chemistry MS Polymers and Coating Science
CSM BS Kinesiology MS Kinesiology
CSM BS Liberal Studies  
CSM BS Mathematics MS Mathematics
CSM BS Microbiology  
CSM BA Physics  
CSM Physics  
CSM BS Marine Sciences MA Education
CSM BS Statistics  
Total 11 Bachelor's Degrees 6 Master's Degrees

Orfalea College of Business Degree Programs (OCOB)

College Bachelor's Degrees Master's degrees
    MS Accounting
    MS Business Analytics
OCOB BS Business Administration MBA Business Administration
Specialization in Engineering Mgmt with MS Engineering
OCOB BS Economics MS Economics
OCOB BS Industrial Technology MS Business and Techology
​Admissions Suspended 2008
    MS Taxation (Enrollment Fall 2017)
Total 3 Bachelor's Degrees 6 Master's Degrees


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