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General Information


Goals of Program Review Process

  • Assess program accomplishments, effectivenes, and viability
  • Evaluate student success and learning at the program level
  • Identify needed or desired program improvements, set goals, and determine priorities
  • Strengthen connections among the strategic plans of the program, college, and university

Program Review Cycle

Each new program review cycle begins following the creation of a strategic action plan during the final phase of the previous review cycle. The entire process generally takes place over a six-year period, though review cycle length can vary for programs receiving accreditation from external agencies.

program review cycles

The full program review cycle includes four phases:

  • Phase 1: implementation of the strategic action plan and ongoing assessment (years 1-6);
  • Phase 2: a faculty-led self-review (year 5);
  • Phase 3: a peer review by a team of external and internal (university) reviewers (year 6); and
  • Phase 4: strategic action plan development (year 6).

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Academic Senate Mandate

The current standards for Cal Poly program review, AS-552-00: Resolution on Academic Program Review, were adopted by the Academic Senate in November 2000 following the task force report "Institutional Accountability: Academic Program Review" (included in resolution). Program review is a CSU system-wide policy and an essential component of WASC's institutional accreditation requirements. Elements common to these requirements are: a regular, systematic, and institution-wide program review process; a faculty-developed self-study and report; an external peer review including a site visit and report; and development and implementation of an action plan with regular progress reports.



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