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Peer Review

The peer review phase affords programs a unique external perspective in identifying strengths, opportunities, and areas for growth.

Reviewer Responsibilities

As a review team member, your responsibilities include reading the program's self-study, participating in an on-campus site visit, and writing a report documenting findings and recommendations. 

Reviewer Report Guidelines

Reviewers will produce a written report of key findings and recommendations based on the self-study, information obtained during the site visit, discussions with fellow reviewers, and the background and expertise of the review team. In addition to other topics deemed relevant by the review team, the following should be addressed within the report:

  • The quality of the program’s mission and goals.
  • The effectiveness of the program’s learning objectives, curriculum, and pedagogy.
  • The ability of students to meet the expectations established by the program learning objectives.
  • The program’s ability to complete the assessment cycle of planning, assessing student learning, analyzing assessment results, and using results to make improvements.
  • The ability of students to persist in the program and graduate in a timely manner.
  • The connection between the program and the professional field, including the ability to meet current and potential future needs and trends in the labor market, industry, and society.
  • The quality, quantity, and diversity of the program’s human resources: students, staff, and faculty.
  • The quality and quantity of the program’s physical and intellectual resources: facilities, technology, policies, and procedures.
  • The program’s response to institutional themes; Cal Poly is currently focusing program review on diversity and inclusivity.

The report should conclude with specific commendations and recommendations for improvement. 

Report Submission

Once the team report is complete, a copy is emailed to the Program Review Coordinator (  The report is then shared with program leadership and faculty to determine if there are any errors of fact or points needing clarification.  Following this review, the Program Review Coordinator will communicate with the review team to finalize the team report.  The final report is then distributed to program leadership and faculty for the purpose of developing a strategic action plan.

QUESTIONS?  If you have questions about any aspect of program review, please send them to Amy Robbins, Program Review Coordinator -

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