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Academic Assessment Council


  • The Academic Assessment Council (AAC) was set up by the Academic Senate:
    Academic Senate Resolution  (AS-735-11).
  • The AAC leads and coordinates campus assessment efforts.
  • The AAC creates a central repository for information and resources related to assessment.
  • The AAC ensures that data needed for program review and accreditation reports are generated and stored appropriately.
  • To the extent necessary, the AAC creates a central repository for assessment data.
  • The AAC reviews the annual reports of program and college-level assessment efforts.
  • The AAC reports the results of assessment efforts to the campus community.


Assessment Planning

  • University assessment will consist of three related but distinct efforts:  annual program-level assessment, University and General Education assessment, and special initiatives as part of program review.

  • The plan is designed to assess the University Learning Outcomes (ULOs) with special emphasis on the five WASC Senior College and University Commission core competencies, identify standards of performance for students in the institution, and implement a coordinated assessment over a single ten-year cycle of review.

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