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Collegiate Learning Assessment+ (CLA+)



Why should I take the Collegiate Learning Assessment+?

  • The CLA+ is a great way to market yourself to future employers.  Share and use your results as you pursue career and post-graduate opportunities.
  • MONETARY AWARDS FOR TOP SCORERS!  There is a prize of $400 for the top score, $200 for the second highest score, and $100 each for the third through sixth highest scores.
  • Each participating student will receive a score report indicating the level of mastery of skills measured by the CLA+.  These results can be added to LinkedIn profiles, print and on-line resumes, and other platforms accessible by potential employers.

Who Is Eligible to Take the CLA+?

In the Spring, the CLA+ is being embedded in a few senior-level courses within Construction Management and Economics.

What is the Collegiate Learning Assessment+?

  • The CLA+ measures critical-thinking, problem solving, analytic reasoning, and writing skills using a performance-based assessment.   For more information see the Student Guide (pdf).
  • The principal goal of the CLA+ is to provide an objective assessment about the critical-thinking and written communication skills students possess as they enter college as freshmen and exit as seniors.
  • Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo is among hundreds of institutions that use CLA+ on an annual basis to measure the value the institution contributes to student learning. 
  • The test is administered in computer labs.  Each session is set for 90+ minutes to allow students plenty of time to complete the assessment and check their work.

What to Expect - Information to help you Maximize Your Score:

CLA+ Student Guide (pdf)

CLA+ Practice Tasks (pdf)


Spring 2017 top scorers - Congratulations on your excellent effort and performance!

Cal Poly students again ranked among the top of all participating colleges and universities.  Our top six scorers ranked within the top 99th percentile of all students from all institutions who participated this year.  Congratulations!

1st: Hannah Rogers, Architectural Engineering

2nd: Tristan Noack, Philosophy Major

3rd: Malamatenia Wilson, English Major

4th: Christian Harris, Psychology Major

5th: Zack Cody, Software Engineering Major

6th: Daniel Tatum, Microbiology Major


See the Details:

Cal Poly's 2016-17 Institutional Report (pdf)

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