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Core Competency Assessment Timeline

Cal Poly cycles through five core competencies on an regular basis. Visit our Core Competency Assessment homepage for an overview of each skill as well as to access reports with recent result information.

Here is the current plan, last updated July 2019.

For a printable version of this calendar, click here (pdf).

Phase 1: Research and Development — Organize learning communities to research and develop the core competency; create a common definition; identify artifact; sampling plan and assessment tool(s).

Phase 2: Evaluation and Communication — Artifact collection and analysis; collection and evaluation of artifacts from across campus representing lower-division courses in GE and senior-level work; communication.

Phase 3: Education and Improvement — Continued sharing of results and determination of appropriate curricular areas for improvement. Develop educational workshops to enhance learning of core competency.

Core Competency Assessment Timeline (2012-2022)

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